Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

this week was pretty good i found out on saturday that i am going to be gettign transferred tomorrow. i didnt really want to leave but i know that i am needed wherever i am going next. on saturday me and my companion went up to lake arrowhead to help the elders and the sisters in running springs with a devotional that they were putting on up there. right before the meeting started the arrowhead elders got a call from president godwin saying that he was on his way up but because of the fog being so thick they couldnt find their way on the 18. so they went and guided them to the church building, but while they were gone it was our turn to sing the song that we had practiced to sing. so it was just me my companion and the sister missionaries singing instead of the 6 of us, but i think it still sounded fine. after the meeting got finished president godwin pulled me aside and asked me if i was ready to become a senior companion cause there was a missionary that needed some help and he thought that i was the one that could do it. so this next transfer i am going to be a senior companion i am kinda nervous. it good to hear that everyone is doing good. i dont think i am going to get on facebook anymore cause i get distracted for the rest of the week when i get on. i have only seen connie a couple time but i am going over to say bye to her and her husband. i still ahave a little cough and i am still coughing up phlem but i am doing better. i got my whole apartment sick so i kinda feel bad for that. but i have given elder slaughter a blessing so hell be ok. i hope i get to talk to you today.
Elder Taylor T. Gull