Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 8, 2012

Dear Family,

How are you guys doing? I\'m doing pretty good. Sorry its taken so long for me to get Don\'s letter to you guys to send off to hem. I kept forgetting to send it, but I guess its better late then never. I am doing pretty good. I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks since I last wrote you. I\'m still trying to contact all the less active members in the area, which is easier said than done. Mostly cause there are so many dirt roads that people live all of up here it almost impossible to find anyone up here that I haven\'t been to before. It would be nice if I had a GPS, but they are pretty expensive and I don\'t have the money to get one. I got a hair cut today cause my hair was getting really hot and it was bugging me alot. So I had Tracy cut it with a #2 on the clippers she had. Which is about 1/4 of an inch. It feels and looks good and by the time Summer is done up here I\'ll be about ready for another haircut. A couple of sad things happened this week. First is on Monday we went over to see our investigator that had a baptismal date but when we got there his girlfriend, how is a less active member that is coming back to church, told us that they got in an argument which ended up with him hitting her and her kicking him out of her house. Which is sad because our only investigator that was progressing is now living back in Bloomington with his parents. But it is good cause we had just taught the two about the Law of Chastity and how living together and not being married was breaking the Law of Chastity. To bad it had to happen the way it did. Second sad thing is I sliced my right hand open yesterday while doing service at a members house. At first we thought it was deep enough for me to have to get stitches but instead I just bandaged it up and it has since scabbed over and started to heal. I will send a picture on Monday so that you can see it. Other than those things nothing really exciting has happened. There is a guy that got called to the West Virginia Charleston Mission the other day which I though was pretty cool seeing how Karrie went to that mission. I hope everything is going good for you guys. Love you and think about you alot.

Love Ya,

Elder Taylor T Gull

PS Thanks for sending those meds. Its really helping with my allergies.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

May 29, 2012

Dear Family

Sorry its been a couple weeks since I last wrote you guys. I have been really busy and it seems like I am even busier on P-Day then any other day. It’s been really busy the last couple weeks. Me and Elder Stokes have been working real hard to get to know all the Less Active Members or Part Members in our Area, which isn’t as easy as it sounds because there is a lot of them. Plus most people have work down the hill in Los Angeles or other places near LA. So a lot of people are gone during the day. We have however found some new investigators recently. There is this guy named Christopher Jordan, he is the boyfriend of a member who is trying to get back into coming to church. The first time we met them, she called and asked us to give him a Priesthood Blessing cause he had been jumped while he was paying for gas. They broke his jaw in two places and did some other things to him. I can’t really remember what though. But when we talked to them the day after the blessing. He said how he felt something, since then they have both quit smoking and we have set a baptismal date with him. This guy is really sold. It is pretty cool to talk to this guy and see his excitement to learn more about the Church. There is another person that we have somewhat started teaching that used to be one of the “Top Dogs” in a gang down in Los Angeles. But moved up here because he wants to turn his life around and learn about God. This area is starting to pick up and show some results for all the hard work I’ve been doing since I got here. I am getting better, but my allergies are still really bad. Before I forget, Happy Birthday to Mom and Kaytie. I’ll try to get something for you guys on Monday but for right now I’m broke. How is everyone doing. Its crazy that school is out again. It seems just like yesterday Del and Don graduated and now in August Kaytie is going to be a Senior in High School. That’s crazy. I’m gonna try to do a better job of keeping you informed in whats going on. I have really been slacking with that lately. Actually I have not been doing a good job with that my whole mission. I’m doing good though. I am really enjoying my mission and really like helping everyone out that will let me. I’m glad that I came on a mission instead of missing out on this awesome blessing. I know this is where I need to be there is no doubt in my mind anymore. A mission really has helped me to become a better person. I don’t get angry as much with people and I can actually stop and talk to people that I don’t know. Probably not to the extent Don does, never was as talkative as him. But most important my mission has taught me how much family really does matter. I miss you guys more than anything but I know I am making you guys proud being out here. I hope everyone is okay. Write me a letter. I like emails but I like letters better. Love you guys.


Elder Taylor T Gull