Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hi Jaymie,
I just met your son on Tuesday at transfers. I took a couple of pictures of him & his new companion Elder Stocker. I knew Elder Stocker from our stake, he was working with a friend of ours that was baptized in our ward but actually was in Elder Stocker's boundaries. I'll enclose the pictures I took of them.
Annette Bills
Ontario, California
MM to Elder Corey Bills
Jul 2011-Jul 2013

MM to Elder Tim Bills
Jul 2011-Jul 2013

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012

Tomorrow is transfer day and i am staying put for 6 more weeks but elder Potts is getting transferred. its crazy how fast this transfer has gone by. i only have 5 more 6 weeks periods and then i am done. it seems like time is not on my side right now. at the same time i am happy for all the things that i have experiences that i have had. sorry i didnt write a long email. i am going to send a letter hopefully this week just need to get it wrote. well ill talk to you on Sunday.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April 18, 2012

hey how are you all doing? im doing really good in the mission field, there are not a lot of people for me and my companion to teach but we have been working really hard to find people to teach. the other day it rained and alot of the dirt roads had puddles of water on the and my the time we got to our apartment at the end of the day. the truck that we have was covered in mud. we havent been able to clean it yet but we need to get it clean before pres sees it. we got to go to the temple as a zone. it was really cool. the only problem is that i was like 30 minutes late so i wasnt able to do a session but i was able to do inititories while we were there. its really fun and its interesting all the different people that i meet everyday. i cant believe that in 9 months i will be done with me mission. its crazy to think how fast time has flown. its crazy to think that don is going to be on a mission on tuesday, again its crazy how fast time has flown. so whats new with all y'all? i really like it here in adelanto, a lot of people say that it is really ghetto but its no worse than san bernardino, and the people here are really open. we found a new investigator the other day, we had tracted into her last thursday but yesterday we went over and had a lesson with her, we taught the plan of salvation with her and she said that mormons make the most sense out of all the religions she has investigatied, currently she says she is agnostic, but she is really accepting so hopefully we can get her baptized, but its gonna be a while before we get to that point. i got the package that mom and dad sent to me today. thanks for all the things that were in it. the only problem is that me companion isnt eating sweets, so i am going to have to eat all the stuff myself, but ill just keep working out and i should be fine. its crazy i have gained i think 25 pounds while i have been out so instead of being 185 i am now 210 its crazy. but the members in the wards i have been in have fed me well just so you wont have to worry mom :). well i cant think of anything else to write hope y'all like it. i love you guys and think of you a lot
Love Ya,
Elder Taylor T Gull