Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

thanks for the groceries that you guys dropped off. when you sent the text message saying that you wanted to drop some stuff off for me my companion had the phone and since it was a number that the phine didnt know he thought that it was for a drug deal. im glad that you guys were able to see del and drop off a bunch of stuff for me. i greatly apprecitate it, earlier that day i had no food, all i had was a loaf of bread some peanut butter and jelly and a little bit of milk. my new companion is named elder schultz. he is from Surprise, Arizona.(its a real place) he has been out for almost 4 months i am his 2nd companion. his first area was the colton ward which i am jeouls of. last p day since we couldnt go to the libraries to email we went and hicked Mt. Cucamonga. it was really fun except for the north side of the mountain(the part we couldnt see) was covered in snow but we still went all the way to the top. another bad thing is i forgot my camera at the apartment so i wasnt able to take any pictures while i was up there. but my companion and roommates did so i will take some of there pictures. some thing crazy happened the other day, so i was riding home on my bike cause we decided to take a bike day and we were going home for lunch. so i was going really fast down the sidewalk and tried to make the turn into the drive way put i was about to crash into the sign in the middle of the two driveways. so i pulled on my back then front breaks and used too much front brake so i flew off my bike and hit my shoulder and hand into the sign. i am ok other than i bruised my shoulder and cut the palm of my right hand. such is the life of a missionary i guess. i am doing really good though, its crazy how fast time is flying. alot of the people that i met when i first cam out on my mission are going home in 9 to 15 weeks its crazy. my trainer goes home in june and when he goes home i only have 7 1/2 months left its crazy. also keith is going to be home before to long. its really fun out here. how is everyone doing? hope to get to talk to you for a little bit.

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

A lot has happened this week. for starters i am not getting transfered but i am getting a new companion tomorrow. i am feeling a lot better than i have in a couple weeks and i am doing really good apart from my right shoulder hurting for what seems no reason. i talked to the medical lady and she told me to talk some ibeporfen and see if it helps so well have to see. the other day a family that me and elder crozer are teaching took us to ferrels and while we were there i ate the pig trough and after i finished eating it they made me stand on the booth and shout that i was a piggy. it was really fun plus the ice crweam there is really good. it always seems like there is always a party in there. it would be so much fun to work there but at the same time proably not. i have been talking to a guy in my current ward, who retired from the air force in 2002 and i told him how i might go in the military after my mission and he told me if i do to get into the air force cause that would be the best for me. i dont know what i waant to do after my mission and i know i shouldnt worry about it, but my mission is going to be done before i know it so i have just been talking to a lot of people about what theyt do. how is everyone doing? hope everything is going good. i love you guys.

Elder Taylor T. Gull :)