Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

A lot has happened this week. for starters i am not getting transfered but i am getting a new companion tomorrow. i am feeling a lot better than i have in a couple weeks and i am doing really good apart from my right shoulder hurting for what seems no reason. i talked to the medical lady and she told me to talk some ibeporfen and see if it helps so well have to see. the other day a family that me and elder crozer are teaching took us to ferrels and while we were there i ate the pig trough and after i finished eating it they made me stand on the booth and shout that i was a piggy. it was really fun plus the ice crweam there is really good. it always seems like there is always a party in there. it would be so much fun to work there but at the same time proably not. i have been talking to a guy in my current ward, who retired from the air force in 2002 and i told him how i might go in the military after my mission and he told me if i do to get into the air force cause that would be the best for me. i dont know what i waant to do after my mission and i know i shouldnt worry about it, but my mission is going to be done before i know it so i have just been talking to a lot of people about what theyt do. how is everyone doing? hope everything is going good. i love you guys.

Elder Taylor T. Gull :)

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