Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

hey how are you guys doing this week? i am doing really good, its week
5 of this transfer so next saturday is transfer calls and i will find
out if i am going to stay in this area for 6 more weeks or if i will
get the boot and go to a new area. yesterday at church a guy gave his
farewell talk at church, it was really good. he is going to
Chihuahua,mexico and reports to the mtc next wenesday. after church
his family invited us to have lunch with them at their house on top of
archibald. we went to it, and the only problem was we took our car to
pep boys to get the brakes worked on so we had to bike up to the
house. it was a really long ride and we were tired by the time that we
got to their house. it was a really fun time at their house but the
ride back to the apartment was really fun when we rode down archibald.
the work is going good in this ward is coming along. we had to stop
going over to a couple investigators because they werent progressing
or doing any of the things that we asked them to do. i hate doing it
but its for their good and dont want to waste their time as well as
ours. we have been trying to get splits going again, hope fully we
can do it. the elders quarom president and high priest group leader
are wanting to do it, hope fully we can get the rest of the ward
excited for it also. im sorry i have been slacking on writing back
letters i have been super busy and i havent had the time. for a couple
weeks i have been wanting to send a letter with a bunch of advice in
it for both del and don. but i havent got around to it and i feel bad.
i just need to make time on mondays and it should work out. this
monday isnt going to be like the rest since our car is in the shop,
but we are going to be doing service for a lady in our ward so i will
not have a whole lot of free time during the day. how is everyone?
well i got to go so one of my roomates can get on the computer to
check their emails. have a good week ill talk to you later.
Elder Taylor Thompson Gull :)

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