Friday, December 2, 2011


hey, im good and everything is going good for me. My Thaksgiving was really good we went to the relief society president inthe wards house for thanksgiving and got fed a lot i was surprised they didnt have to roll me out, with how much i ate.  :). i like my new area it is pretty small, and we have a car which is good cause the area goes up the side of the mountain which wouldnt be real fun to bike up.  the boundaries of the area are from foothill to the side of the mountain and amethyst to haven. its a really skinny area. my companion is elder crozer he is from bountiful/woods cross. he was been out for about 3 months and i am his second companion. so i am follow up traning him, which isnt anything special.  he was already in this area which i good couse i would have been really lost if we both would have come into the area together. it is weird to be the senior companion now, cause i am the one making all the desicions but at the same time i like it cause it shows that president has some trust im me.  i was sad that i was having to move right before thanksgiving but i really like this ward. the people are really friendly, even though i felt like they were judging me yesterday to see if i would be a good missionary. they have had some really not so good missionaries in the ward and so i am having to work extra hard to build their trust, which is fine by me cause i really like to work hard. the building that i go to for church is the hillside building. it is the biggest churchi have been to on my mission but our church back home is still bigger.  i actually spaced that it was my birthday until a few days ago cause i have been working so hard that i really havent been thinking about it. and the weather here is so different than it is back home that it doesnt even feel like christmas. its kinda weird to see christmas lights on palm trees. i miss the snow and the cold. i kinda wanted to go to the mountains this transfer, but heavenly father had different plans for me. i dont know what those plans are but i hope i can find out.  so to answer your question of what i want ffor christmas and my birthday. i really dont know i will be fine with anything that you give me. i guess i could use some more socks caue the one s that i have are almost a dark blure instead of black. other than that i dont know. sorry :(.  well sorry this wasnt very long i dont know what else to write. hopefully i will get to talk to you also. its weird to think that in a couple more weeks i will get to call home and a couple more after that i will have been out for a year its crazy how fast time is going by. hope everything is going good back home. im sorry to hear about grannie that ghas to be really hard, ill keep praying for her, and maybe that will help.

Love You,
Elder Taylor T. Gull

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