Saturday, January 29, 2011

Letter #3

Dear Jessie,
Thanks for your last letter. It's good to know that everything I said to you in my last, goes the same for me from you. I agree with you about our friendship is going to grow while I am on my mission and we write letters back and forth to each other. I did get your letter that you had put in my journal the day I was set apart. Thanks for that letter too. The MTC is amazing. I don't think that I have felt the Spirit so strongly in one place, except the temple. There are good days and hard days, just like there are in the real mission field. The only thing that I am still trying to get used to here is not having my phone and not being able to talk to you whenever I want. I really only have one class, but I have two teachers. My teachers' names are Brother Davis and Sister Wuahn, they are both return missionaries and know what it is like to be a missionary. There are two other things we can do in the MTC. One is called TE, that is when we go teach teachers who are role playing as investigators and then the TRC. In the TRC we teach volunteers from Provo, and other cities around the MTC, and we teach them as progressing investigators. My companion's name is Elder Bindrup, he is from Logan and has a really funny laugh. It is hard to describe, but when he laughs so does everyone else in our district. In my district there are 3 other sets of Elders, all but one of the sets of Elders are also going to San Bernardino, and the other elders are going to Houston, Texas. There are also 4 Sisters, 2 of them are going to San Bernardino and the other 2 are going to Houston. The food here isn't that bad but it's not as good as a real home-cooked meal, and that is also another thing that I miss about home. I am doing good. I seem to have more hard times than everyone else, but I know that it is all just me thinking. I got my travel plans the other day and I am flying out of SLC at 8:42am on Feb. 1 which means that I am going to have to wake up at the MTC and leave at 5:00 in the morning. I am excited to get into the mission field and teach people about this gospel that has helped both me and you so much. How are you doing? How is school? Oh and before I forget thank you and your sisters for the pictures. I really like them. Thanks Jess, again. If it wasn't for you I dought (I can't spell today sorry) that I would be experiencing this mission right now. You are my greatest friend and always will be. I had better go, I have a lot of letters to write.

Your Best Friend,

Elder Gull

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