Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter #4


Dear Jessie,

Thanks for you letter, and telling me how to spell doubt. I am glad I didn't need to be in the MTC for 6 weeks. I was getting sick of it, sad to say. This was my first time flying and they do serve peanuts to the passengers still. Have you ever been in a plane before? I am looking forward to the spiritual and fun experiences that are to come. Something fun that has happened already is that a couple days ago me and my trainer, whose name is Elder Bowler. Anyways we were tracting and we knocked on a door, and when the guy opened he let us in without us really talking to him. When we got in there we found out the guy was a Baptist minister, and he proceeded to tell us how our church was a cult and other things like that. When we left we had 4 huge packets full of Anti-Mormon stuff, which we burned when we got home. Anyways that's his loss. It is awesome that you are getting your patriarchal blessing soon. I am super excited for you. I am writing my dad and Kaytie letters today, so they should get theirs around the same time you do. That is funny what you told me about what happened while dinner was being made. That's weird what happened with the face paint. Hope it is nothing too serious. My mom told me today that you have been sick for a while. I hope that you get better soon. I think the craziest thing about being on a mission, other than I am on one, the time passes fast, I can't talk to you all the time anymore, and that I miss my family and friends, especially you, is that I can't listen to the music that I like. Hey, if you want, could you send me some of your EFY/church music that you have on some CD's? You don't have to if you don't want to. But all I have right now is Mormon Tab and sad to say is I am getting sick of them. Thanks for sending me a picture of you when you get some ink for you printer. How is your family doing? I haven't really heard anything about them since before I left. I hope they are all doing good. Do you want to hear something crazy? My companion Elder Bowler he is from St. George, and he knows a couple of people that I wend to high school with. It shows how really small this world is. I have one more favor to ask you in this letter. Will you get Brother Stone's address for me? I don't have it and I have something I really need to ask him! Thanks, Jess. You are the greatest friend I have ever had. And thanks for everything that you have helped me with. 

               Your Best Friend
               Elder Taylor Thompson Gull

   Yup, I put my middle name :) 
     write soon buddy

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