Saturday, February 12, 2011

letter #7

Dear Family,
                How is everyone? How is school going Seth, Del, Don and Kaytie? How is work going Mom and Daniel? Hope you are all doing great. Mostly cause you guys are too awesome to be doing anything but good! J It’s funny how much you don’t appreciate your family until you are not around them all the time.
                How is Seminary Missionary Week going? I hope Del and Don get the opportunity to go on splits with some Elders before their missions. Just so the younger three know a mission is nothing like “The Best Two Years” movie. Right now I am in Apple Valley and last week me and my companion tracked for fourteen hours, but we haven’t talked to a lot of people. We have no new investigator,  but we will get one soon. There are three girls that their mom was taught by the missionaries the transfer before I got here. The mom got baptized and the only reason the three girls didn’t get baptized is because their step mom doesn’t want them to get baptized, which really stinks. But hopefully we will be able to get them baptized this transfer.
                Right now I am really sore because I just got done playing football and ultimate Frisbee a while ago. While playing ultimate Frisbee I kept diving for the Frisbee so my back and hips hurt right now. I hope that whoever is reading this can read my handwriting. Something I like about this area is that this is a biking mission. I am getting back into shape. While I was in the MTC I gained 8 pounds. I used to be 172 lbs now I am 180. My companion says its from all the muscles I have built since today was the first chance I had to weigh myself since I got here from the MTC.
                My companion’s name is Elder Bowler and he is from St. George. Some things that are funny about him is he knows Kristen Adams and her older sister.  That just shows how small this world is.
                Mom and Dad thanks for not giving up on me and for teaching me the Gospel, so that I would be able to go on a mission and teach it to others. Did Kaytie and Dad get their letters?  I hope they did.
                Seth, how is college going? Are you having fun? How is Ike doing? I really miss that little guy. It’s too quiet without him around. 
                Del, I am not going to judge you on any decisions? You have your agency and I will support you no matter what you decide to do.  You just need to talk with Mom and Dad more. Don’t leave them in the dark, because that isn’t fair. Have fun no matter what you do.
                Don, how is band going? You excited school is almost done? Do you have a countdown going that is when you can put your papers in? It’s crazy to think that we might not get to see each other for   3 ½ to 4 yrs depending on when you get your call. Is there anywhere you want to go? I love it out here. Since I haven’t even been out a month but it is still amazing here.
                Kaytie, keep up the good work with what you do? Don’t be a crazy driver like Del and Don are. Just kidding. Del and Don enjoy school while it lasts. Don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd because if you do you will regret it. I know I do.
                Daniel, how are you Bro? I haven’t talked to you in a while. I don’t think I will be seeing your truck any time soon, because I am not anywhere near the freeway. Thanks for the stuff you gave me on my mission. I love you Bro. Be safe in the truck. Tell me if you get into college and I will start to write letters just for you. Just kidding, I will do that for you anyway. I also want you to know that I love you guys so much and hope you are doing great. I think of you guys whenever I don’t have anything to do, which is not a lot. So I am not getting trunky, which is a good thing. Wish I could of talked to you all the day that I called from the airport. And that I could of talked a bit longer. Anyways keep writing me and write to Tommy. We need it.
Love you all a ton,
Elder Taylor Gull

PS:  Be safe.

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