Saturday, February 12, 2011

Letter #5

Dear Kaytie,
                What’s up little Sis? The Mission is good. I am in Apple Valley right now. It is really busy in the field. I have tracked for fourteen hours last week, from Tuesday when I got here unto Saturday. Haven’t had a lot of success other than people trying to tell us that they are worried for our salvation. I try not to laugh when they say that. I like my companion he is really laid back and chill, if you know what that means. If not, it means he is really cool. His name is Elder Bowler and he is from St. George. Funny thing is that he knows Kristen Adams.
                It is hard to believe that you are going thru Driver’s Ed right now. That just makes me feel old. I heard T.J. Lennon speak before, It was a really cool experience. I am glad you were able to listen to him and hear some of the things he has been thru. Be safe dating and don’t go on any dates other then group dates. I know I wish I would have gone on more group dates, other than the ones I went on until Jess. How’s school going for you? How do you like the Seminary Mission? Mom told me where you are going, but I forgot. So where were you called? Can you get me Brother Foley’s address for me? If you could do that It would be helpful. Just have some question  for him if he asks you why. Well be safe and write back soon Little Sis. Miss you.
                Love ya
                Elder Taylor Gull  

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