Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter #13

Dear Family,
How is everyone doing? Hope you are all doing good. Thanks for all the letters and packages that you have sent me so far. How is school going Seth, Del, Don and Kaytie? How is work going Mom and Daniel? How is Isaac doing? As you all know by now I am having problems right now, both in the area I am serving in and how I am feeling about coming on a mission. I am hopefully going to be talking to the Mission President soon, but I don’t know. Transfers are coming up soon, it is hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since I left the MTC. There is an Elder that is in my room that is dying this transfer. That means that he is going home next week. So we are getting a bunch of stuff that he doesn’t want to take with him. So that meant that I got a couple more ties from him cause he was giving a bunch away. There is a Missionary here who is also going home that has a ton of ties. Its crazy how many he has. My legs have finally stopped hurting, from biking all day long. I have been learning a bunch of things that help past the time lately. One of those things is learning how to solve a Rubic’s Cube. Which I can solve in under 3 minutes now. Ya, I know that it is a useless thing to know but oh well. For P-Days here we have been playing a lot of two hand touch football. Something cool about that is I learned I am really good at playing defense. One of the missionaries game me some football cleats that he had never wore before. My companion if you guys do not already now is Elder Derek Bowler from St. George. Something funny is that he knows Kristen Adams, and before I came out they told him to look out cause there was a Missionary from Parowan coming to that mission. Then he ended up training me. Another thing is both my roommates are from Canada. Both sets of Missionaries don’t live very far from their companions. I had to hide my debit card the other day cause I was using it to much. Sorry I didn’t send a letter last week. Mom and Dad, so you know I got your pictures from when you went to California and that sign of Dale Evan Parkway/Apple Valley is the road we go down when we go email at the library. And seeing those pictures made me really trunky, which doesn’t really help right now. But it was good to see a picture of you guys. I miss you all and think of you guys a lot. Write back when you can. I love you guys so much.
Elder Taylor Gull
PS Can you guys send me some music. I don’t really have a lot to listen to and I have gotten tired of the one that I do have. Oh and I left my D&C CD’s at home when I left. So can you send that too thanks. Also I got the letter from Grannie and Grampie, but I can’t really read any of it, but I did get the gist of it.

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