Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter #15

Dear Don,
How goes it bro? Heard you got something with SUU. Don’t remember what Mom said it was but it sounded important. How is school going? Are you excited that school is almost over and you will be able to start the rest of your life soon. How is the family doing? I met a kid in my roommates ward the other day, cause he wants to be a music teacher also. He plays the saxophone and is trying to learn a lot of other instruments too. How many instruments do you know how to play now, I forgot? its been too long since I last talked to you. Well everything is going better for me. I have been having some hard times lately, but I learned how to get over the hard things. How much longer do you have until you can put in your papers? There are two guys that got their calls recently in the ward I am in. One of them is going to Dallas, Texas, Spanish speaking. the other one was called to Rome, Italy. Well I don’t know what else to write. Write back soon and I will try to remember to send you another letter.
Love Ya Don
Elder Taylor Gull 

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