Monday, March 14, 2011

Letter #12


Dear Jessie, 

It's really cool that you got your patriarchal blessing, and that the other kids are getting theirs too. It's really cool to get those. It's good to know that you would still be my friend if I had to come home early, not that I was worried about it. I am looking forward to that first week when I come home, cause I really miss your cookies. You are an amazing cook, no lie. The weather in California right now is warm, and REALLY windy. The wind here is driving me nuts especially since I am on a bike all day. The wind is not one of my biggest fans. I don't really have a favorite part about my mission right now, well then again everyone in my zone and district are really cool and some are pretty strange but nobody is perfect I guess :). The ward is really cool. And me, my companion, and my roommates get along really good most of the time. Sadly we are not getting a lot of success with either tracting or discussions. Apple Valley is one of the slowest areas in the mission if not the slowest, because it's where a lot of older people go when they retire and they don't want to hear from us, cause they have their religion that they have followed all of their lives. A lot of people are nice to us, but there are a few that are just really mean. I'm going to have to tell you about some of them when I get home because they are just too weird to tell you the whole story. Me and my companion have been tracting so much this transfer that we have almost knocked on every door in the area. Some funny things about my companion are that he says the weirdest racist terms without realizing it. So me and our roommates have been counting how many times he says something like it throughout the day.  It's gotten pretty high I think the highest it has been is like 12 or 13 in a day which is a lot. While I have been out here, I have learned to solve a Rubic's cube, and I also found out that I am really good at defense in 2-hand touch football. Thanks for the advice you have given me so far on my mission. I only have 3 or 4 connections with my life back in Parowan and Cedar City, and you and my parents are my biggest one. I hope I put enough about what is going on with me so far, cause that is all I can think of. Are you still being a vegetarian for a year? How is your family doing? It's good to hear about what is going on with them too. If they want to write them letters too, I can. How is school going? How is the weather in Southern Utah? It's good to hear from you even if it's every other week. It beats not hearing from you at all. Don't stop being who you are, cause that, in my opinion, is the BEST thing about you. NO JOKE! Thanks again for being my friend. 

Your Best Friend
Elder Taylor Gull :)

p.s. thanks for Bro. Stone's address. And I forgot to tell you but one of my goals for my mission is to read my Quad from cover to cover except for the Topical Guide, Bible Dictionary, and Index.

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