Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letter #17

Dear Seth and Dawn,
How are you guys doing? How is Isaac? How much long does Dawn have until she pops? How is school going Seth? Have either of you found a job recently? I am doing good, starting to really enjoy this area that I am in right now. Although I am having to get used to not listening to metal or rock. It is getting kinda boring listening to church music. I have been tempted to buy some “Apostate” music lately, but I have been resisting temptation. Have either of you been to Apple Valley before. If not I will let you know that it is pretty much the same as St. George. although it has snowed here, but it hasn’t stuck which stinks. The only real difference about here and Southern Utah other than no one really wants to talk to us other then members, is that it is really windy almost all of the time. Which doesn’t really help when you have to ride a bike everywhere. The area is slow but me and my companion are trying to stay busy as we can. Well write back soon so that I can hear from you guys.
Elder Taylor Gull

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  1. Karrie! You need to post some more letters on here! There hasn't been anything new in forEVER! :) I would give you info. I've heard lately, but I don't really have anything new other than there's a girl getting baptized soon! Soo.... yep :) Love ya!