Friday, July 22, 2011



          It's crazy all the things that have happened since last year. Hard to believe that one year ago I didn't really have a testimony and you were trying to help me come back to church. I will never forget the night that we sat on your back porch talking and looking through your EFY book. And then I pushed you into the little kiddie pool later in the week. :) I am also glad for making the final decision to go on a mission. It's crazy to think of all the blessings that will come from this. Even now I can feel some changes happening. I talk to more people than I used to when I was home. I am learning so much and I am helping people come to Christ, and make HUGE changes in their lives. Speaking of which, crazy as it sounds but the next 5 weeks me and my companion have 4 baptismal dates set and it looks like they will all get baptized. The hike last week was really fun. We hiked over a bunch of rocks in a dry wash to a waterfall and a "pond" underneath it. I got sunburned during the hike. It's better now, even though it hurt for a couple days. I remembered to take my camera so I took some pictures of it. Tomorrow is transfer day. I am not getting transferred again, which is good cause I really like it where I am, even though it gets pretty hot and kinda humid. How is summer going? How is your family doing? When does senior year start up? Thanks for having confidence in me. Sorry if you can't read this, this was the only pen that I could find today.

Your Best Friend,

Elder Taylor T Gull 

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