Sunday, July 3, 2011

April 25, 2011

Dear Family,
How is everyone doing. Hope all is going good. How is the baby doing? I am doing good. I am not getting transferred this time so I will be in Apple Valley for six more weeks. I am getting a new companion though which is good cause I think me and Elder bowler have been companions for too long. We almost got a new investigator last week, but sadly the person said that they couldn't meet with us because something came up. But I will go over again with my new companion sometime this transfer so hopefully something comes from that. Me and Elder bowler tracted our entire area last transfer. The area isn't very big it is only about 3/4 mile wide by 6 miles long. But that is still a lot of houses to knock on. Mission life is pretty much the same, except for I am having a little better time since I changed my outlook on things. thanks for the package that you sent me. It is going to help out with the food that was in it. Mostly because I have no money to buy food until the first of next month. Which isn't that far away which is good. What are some new things that are going on with the family. it is exciting to hear that Kaytie qualified to go to BYU. That is really cool. From the letters that I have got from you guys sounds like a lot of things have happened since I have been out here. So I guess I am working hard enough. I hope you guys are having fun and being safe with what you do. I miss you guys but I will be able to call in just a couple weeks which will be nice. Well write back so when you can/
Love you guys
Elder Taylor T Gull
PS Sorry this letter was short. I couldn't think of some things to say. 

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