Monday, July 4, 2011

May 24, 2011

Dear Family,

How is everyone doing first of all?  I am doing pretty good.  The only real news that I have is that the baptismal date that me and Elder Teichert had set wasn't able to go through.  Mainly because she needs her dad's permission since she is under 16.  The good news is she might get her dad's permission either after June 2nd or after July 8th.  So we still might get to baptize her.  Other news that I have is that next week I might be having a P-day either on Monday or Wednesday.  It might be Wednesday because President Goodwin will probably let us because of memorial day.  If not we might be able to use members computers so watch for on Monday.  If I don't get on Monday than watch for me to get on Wednesday.  By the way Happy Birthday Kaytie on Monday and then Happy Birthday Mom on Wednesday.  Well what is new for you guys?  Sorry Kaytie, Del, Don, and everyone else I haven't wrote a letter to recently.  I have been really busy and even right now I am writing this letter on Tuesday night cause I had no time at all to write letters yesterday.  I bought stamps yesterday because I was at the post office and figures I should buy some while I was there.  Well talk to you guys later.  Write back soon.

Love Ya Guys,
Elder Taylor T. Gull

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